Flora Landscape Design provides highly exclusive and personalized services for a wide variety of landscaping clients. Our devotion to excel as landscape and hardscape designers is demonstrated with the quality of products that we produce, manufacture, and construct in every single yard design. We provide our services to a diverse group of households and families throughout Orange County each with their own idea of what their ideal design of landscape should like look and help make their vision a reality.

Outdoor Living Spaces

An added component to any hardscape design is the implementation of a kitchen and seating area. The BBQ and kitchen area is the center of outdoor entertainment, and, as such, must be elaborated in such a manner to inspire relaxation and aesthetic appeal as well as withstand the environment through the years. As a result of the radiant sun that bathes Southern California, we prioritize the durability of the materials we utilize while maintaining a fashionable design.


From custom-built marble countertops to surround your BBQ, to rock formations, to an elevated deck for dining purposes, a hardscape design is of utmost importance. In order to combine all the aspects of a yard into one fully functional space, concrete or stone walkways are viable options that are visually appealing. Elements that can be incorporated include: decks, patios and entry ways that are designed by our in-house architect specially for you.

Fire Pit & Water Features

A vital aspect to your landscape design is the use of water features to enhance a peaceful setting. Our in-house architect can sit down with you to plan whether a waterfall, fountain, or small pond is the best fit for your landscape project. Also, fire pits to keep warm at night during the colder months are very popular. Ideal for a backyard gathering with family and friends while keeping in mind ecofriendly habits of reducing energy consumption through either wood or gas powered energy at your disposal.

Water Conservation Systems

We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly organization. In this day, where water conservation has become a global issue, we focus on providing our clients with the most innovatively designed water-efficient systems. Although a precious resource, it is essential to any home project design. Our water-efficient systems are custom built for each client dependent upon their needs. Additionally, we maintain a registry of all of our clients to follow up on a seasonal basis to conduct monitoring of our systems and provide an analysis to improve water conservation.

Paver Design

All of our pavers are designed and produced in-house. Whether you are looking for stone or brick in either pavers or block, we have a variety of options to tailor to your needs. Since we custom-design every paver product, the choices are unlimited so that you can choose the right color, appearance, cut, and durability for your hardscape. Each design has its benefits and specific use. Therefore, before selecting the design of paver, we suggest meeting with our paver specialist to weigh all of your options.

Outdoor Lighting

The key to a beautiful as well as inexpensive addition to your home’s landscape is the use of low-voltage lighting that illuminates and enhances your home. We strategically place lighting fixtures in order to highlight the beauty of your landscape and contrast it with the hardscape. With the latest technology of LED lighting, we provide the most efficient halogen-based energy fixtures to provide longer lasting illumination and life while at the same time reducing power consumption and energy costs.

Synthetic Grass

A landscape design would not be complete without some green. Our synthetic grass system goes through an entire process of ground preparation before installation beginning with the proper drainage and infill material so that the grass blades remain erect, strong, and durable. Matching real grass in both look and feel, syndetic grass requires little to no maintenance. An added bonus which contributes to our philosophy of water conservation, is the lower water bill since synthetic grass requires no watering.

Swimming Pool Design

In the construction of all of our pools, we use energy-efficient equipment to reduce energy consumption as well as having low-maintenance requirements. This allows you to enjoy your pool instead of spending time with unnecessary repairs and cleaning. We begin the process by surveying the land and in conjunction with the client, deciding the best size and style for the pool. Also, an extraordinary feature to incorporate are varied types of boulders and surrounding the pool with travertine pavers for the ultimate look. Additionally, with all of these added features, your pool will separate your home from your neighbors and add much more resale value.



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