FLORA LANDSCAPE DESIGN has provided homeowners with affordable - yet magnificent - landscape and hardscape features throughout Orange County for over 15 years. We create projects varying from a simple paver design layout to an entire backyard with fire pits, waterfalls, synthetic grass and living spaces. Our designers will follow your indications to produce the most innovative and aesthetic backyard design meant to brighten and elevate your home’s beauty. Let one of our in-house designers create your dream backyard at a cost as amazing as our designs.

Outdoor Living Spaces

An added component to any hardscape design is the implementation of a kitchen and seating area. The BBQ and kitchen area is the center of outdoor entertainment, and, as such, must be elaborated in such a manner to inspire relaxation and aesthetic appeal as well as withstand the environment through the years. As a result of the radiant sun that bathes Southern California, we prioritize the durability of the materials we utilize while maintaining a fashionable design.


Fire Pit & Water Features

From custom-built marble countertops to surround your BBQ, to rock formations, to an elevated deck for dining purposes, a hardscape design is of utmost importance. In order to combine all the aspects of a yard into one fully functional space, concrete or stone walkways are viable options that are visually appealing. Elements that can be incorporated include: decks, patios and entry ways that are designed by our in-house architect specially for you.

A vital aspect to your landscape design is the use of water features to enhance a peaceful setting. Our in-house architect can sit down with you to plan whether a waterfall, fountain, or small pond is the best fit for your landscape project. Also, fire pits to keep warm at night during the colder months are very popular. Ideal for a backyard gathering with family and friends while keeping in mind ecofriendly habits of reducing energy consumption through either wood or gas powered energy at your disposal.



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